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MGP MFX Deck NeoChrome 4.5"


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  • Weight: 1,7 kg
  • Length 495mm
  • Width 114mm
  • Footspace: 327mm
  • Wheel size compatibility: up yo 120mm

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€ 120,00 incl. btw


€ 150,00 incl. btw

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Madd Gear have been around longer than most other companies in the industry and are still loved by riders today. MGP have been around since 2002 and have been using their signature headtube design that any one in the scooter scene will recognize. MGP success through the years has come from delivering strong and quality products that have helped set the standard for other brands.

The MGP MFX deck is a high quality aftermarket deck from Madd Gear. Based off the original designs seen from MGP, we have seen the signature MGP headtube redesigned and better than ever. This is backed with two different width and a light weight fluted deck extrusion to keep your ride strong and light.

MGP have spent over a year developing, testing and perfecting this deck, and the result is a scooter deck like no other. The flat-bottom on this deck makes it perfect for grinds, whilst the strong headtube and perfect welding allows you to ride this deck with little worry of it breaking.

The MGP MFX deck is slightly heavier than some decks on the market today, but this shouldn't worry the kind of rider who would shred on this deck. The compromise here is a solid, well-balanced, wide deck that suits bigger, stronger riders.